Hipmunk Now Checks Your Calendar When Booking Flights

Hipmunk is a flight search and booking app available for both Android and iPhone or you can use their web site to book flights from a desktop computer. One of the unique features of Hipmunk is that they sort results by “agony,” which is a combination or price, flight duration, and number of stopovers, and “ecstacy” which is a combination of price, amenities, and reviews. The service now has a new feature that integrates with Google Calendar to determine which flights are best based on your schedule.

Many travel related states already support the ability to store flight reservations in your calendar, but few if any actually use the information in your calendar to determine which flights are best. As previously, Hipmunk displays the list of potential flights in a Gantt chart view that shows the departure and arrival times, but now the appointment times appear along the top of the display to show how flights match up against your calendar. The way that Hipmunk displays the list of flights makes it very easy to compare flights against each other, and now shows how those flights compare against your calendar.

Unfortunately, the Google Calendar integration is only available in the web app version of Hipmunk. The Hipmunk apps for Android and iPhone do not have the ability to login to an Hipmunk account, which is needed for the calendar integration. Hopefully Hipmunk will add this feature in a future release of their mobile apps.