High Fashion, Low-Cost: ideeli

Fashion: you either have it or you don’t. Or can you learn it? If you want to wear what the kids from The Hills are wearing or get mistaken for a Hollywood heartthrob, and do it on the cheap, ideeli is a site you want to check out.

Offering the hottest luxury accessories and coolest looks from last season, ideeli is a members-only shopping community. What sets the Web site apart from the pack is that it operates on an invite-only premise, meaning you need to be asked me an existing member to join. Alternatively, there are promo codes floating around the Web.

The site only offers high-end items, so if you’re looking for a pair of Keds or a Nike t-shirt, you’re not going to find it here.

“Insider” prices, early access to the newest products, hot European brands not available in the U.S., and lots of giveaways.

The site offers more than fashion. Access to fashion shows and entry to sold-out concerts are also opportunities that members are presented with.

One way to look at this site is sort of like the Woot of fashion. Every day a new “online shopping event” is unveiled – with members getting the ability to get a sneak peek.

Upon registration you are defaulted into “second row,” with the option to “upgrade to first row” for around $7 a month. The fee will give you access to special sales and privilege you to a one-hour shopping advantage over other members.

For every friend you invite, you receive a $25 credit after they make their first purchase.

ideeli is for the Sex and the City crowd who want to rock big-time style while staying somewhat financially responsible.