Hey Quitter! Yeah You. We're Checking in on Your 2010 Resolutions

The mid-winter blahs can make it hard to stay committed to those New Year’s resolutions you made three months ago. If you’re struggling to keep the good habits going, check out these Websites and apps to stay motivated.

Lose weight

If you’re struggling to lighten up, MyFoodDiary can help you track how much you’re eating and how much you’re moving. It’s a proven fact that sustainable weight loss happens through consuming fewer calories than you use, and this site lets you count calories, maintain a food diary, and log your time at the gym. Use the site’s mobile app to stay on track al day, and make good choices at the drive-thru by searching the database of over 60,000 foods – including popular chain restaurants – for the pick that’s best for your waistline. You can receive periodical progress reports, and visit searchable weight loss forums to join discussions on everything from losing weight while nursing, to getting started when you have more than 100 pounds to lose. The site’s weight loss success stories will keep you extra-motivated.

Quit Smoking

If your resolve to quit has dissolved, try quitting with support from My Last Cigarette app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Thousands of smokers have used this app to stay away from cigarettes and their hazardous effects. You simply enter some personal information, including your date of birth, the date you started and stopped smoking, what kind of cigarettes you smoked, and how much they cost. The app will then display, day by day, your “smoke-free” statistics, like the number of days (or months, or years) you’ve stayed away from smoking, ways in which your health is improving, how much money you’re saving, and more. If you’ve just quit, the app will also predict your nicotine craving pattern, and tell you what your nicotine levels are so you can deal with the toughest moments. The app’s most motivating stat of all? The number of cigarettes you have NOT smoked since you quit.

Save money

If you’re having trouble saving for home improvements or your dream vacation, Smartypig can help you reach your savings goals. The free, online piggy bank lets you put away money for specific items or events, and allows you to invite friends and family to contribute to your account (thanks, Grandma). All it takes is an initial deposit of $25, and a minimum $10 monthly deposit. The site tracks your savings and tells you how far you’ve come in terms of percentage. Once you’ve hit 100%, you can redeem your savings in three ways: funnel it back into your bank account, put the money on a SmartyPig MasterCard debit card, or boost your savings by up to 12% by putting the money on a retail card like Best Buy or Macy’s. The site’s simplicity eliminates brain-swirl, and the mobile app lets you track your progress using your smartphone.

Stick to it

No matter the resolution you’ve chosen to pursue, the website Stickk will provide you with a powerful incentive to be good. Using the “money talks” philosophy, you can put a contract out on yourself that will end one of two ways: put up or pay up. You decide your goal, how long it will take you to get there, and how much success is worth to you. If you do the work, you keep your money. But if you fail, your money goes to a designated charity. Give yourself extra reason to work hard by designating a charity you dislike – for instance the political party you oppose. Either way someone wins, but wouldn’t it be nice to accomplish a goal and keep your money?

So how are you doing on your resolutions? And how do you stay motivated? We would love to hear what works for you!