He’s the Cutest Twitter Companion You’ll Ever Have… And He’s From Japan (Naturally)

Do you feel a little isolated reading your tweets all by your lonesome? Never fear, Charatter is here! He’s the cutest little Twitter companion you’ll ever need, and he’s waiting for you to give him a good home.

Charatter for Twitter is a blue panda bear who is just as obsessed with Twitter as you are. He’ll sit patiently beside you as you delve into your Twitter timeline. And best of all, he’ll read you your tweets so you don’t have to.

Yes, this adorable, glassy blue-eyed Charatter reads your tweets out loud.

One caveat: if you don’t speak Japanese, you might not understand what Charatter has to say.

He does read Japanese tweets perfectly, but he might struggle a bit with English. However, he does read some English, in an adorable Japanese accent.

So if you happen to be part of the Twitter-obsessed, Japanese-speaking or Japanese-learning niche, Charatter couldn’t be a better companion!

You’ve just got to plug him into your computer or your iPhone, and he’ll read all your tweets like a good little Japanese robot should.

Take a look at little Charatter in action, and I bet you’ll be wooed by his ultra-adorable voice that you’ll want to take him home even if you can’t speak a word of Japanese.