Heroku Extends Itself Into Facebook With Apigee Beta

San Francisco web hosting boutique Heroku has begun beta testing a Facebook version of Apigee, which extends hosted web software to a social network.

San Francisco web hosting boutique Heroku has begun beta testing a Facebook version of Apigee, which is already available for Twitter.

The Apigee app essentially extends software to a social network. Now Heroku has more than 98,810 different applications on its platform that could potentially get extended to Facebook. I have no doubt that every one of the developers behind these apps is at least contemplating the Facebook extension.

Heroku has specialized in hosting pretty sophisticated software. These applications are programmed in the Ruby on Rails environment and use cloud computing, a buzz-phrase that makes distributed clusters of servers sound so much more exiting than they really are. The real point here is that the Apigee beta test may enable a lot of fairly elaborate and data-intensive programs to extend themselves to Facebook more rapidly than they might have done so otherwise.

I’m rather impressed by the fact that such technological sophistication is offered free and with an instant signup. Heroku also promises to “deploy your first app within minutes.” Input your email address, and you quickly receive an invite to create a password and start developing. Actually, Heroku expects you to develop an application on your own machine, and tap the hosting provider when you’re ready to deploy. Basically, you push code out one time, and Heroku takes it online and extends it to all platforms or sites that you desire.

If you’re inclined to disbelieve how cool the Heroku hosting platform is, consider the fact that one of the board members, John Conners, used to be Microsoft’s Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer. (Remember when Microsoft used to be cool?) Also, Heroku has garnered more than $13 million in venture funding since forming in 2007.

So the next couple of months could see a raft of interesting applications start appearing on Facebook via the Apigee beta. Readers, have you seen any Ruby apps on the social network that might have Heroku’s extension?