Herman Cain Aided By Media’s Disregard for Bialek/Allred Presser

Photo: AP

Who would’ve thought after Weinergate, the Craigslist Congressman, and other recent political scandals that we would still be talking about Herman Cain as a presidential candidate the day after a woman, Sharon Bialek, appeared at a press conference with none other than Gloria Allred to air awful allegations of sexual harassment against him?

Perhaps to answer that question, we can start with the way the media covered the press conference, which was basically to not cover it at all.

As TVNewser reports, only CNN covered the presser live, a dream come true for any person or company that’s about to be publicly accused of something negative.

(As an aside, TVNewser notes that Howard Kurtz later asked whether CNN should’ve covered the press conference at all. The front runner for the GOP nomination for president of the United States is accused of laying an unwanted hand on a woman and he asks whether that’s newsworthy? I’m picking my jaw up off the keyboard.)

But it’s the allegations themselves that made us gasp at the TV this morning and may prove Cain’s undoing. Last week, Business Insider published what it said made it clear that Cain was lying. Still the Cain Train chugged on.

The press conference is definitely getting more play today. WaPo notes that putting a face with the accusations, which are now physical in nature, threatens Cain’s standing. And Politico says conservatives are starting to get nervous.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cain, who has already denied the new accusation via statement, said he’d be having a press conference of his own today to address this latest “firestorm.” Perhaps taking a page out of the Justin Bieber crisis communications manual, Cain appeared on the show relaxed, addressed all the questions Kimmel asked (even those about the new Godfather’s taco pizza), and even cracked wise a couple of times.

What do you think of his appearance on the show? The other two parts are here and here.