Here Are 8 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

Adidas, Instagram, Patrón and NPR bring the numerical goods

Recent days have been all about interactive figures.

With Cannes taking place in recent days, it hasn’t been difficult finding fascinating stats in the world of advertising. These eight really stood out among the rest.

1. Adidas gives live video love
There are companies that have dipped their toes into the livestreaming waters, and there are the few that have straight cannonballed into the pool. Adidas is one of the brands going for it, having already done more than 50 livestreams in recent months. Earlier this week, the sports-gear marketer celebrated International Yoga Day and the summer solstice with a livestream on, while syndicating the footage via Facebook and Twitter. Utilizing livestreaming platform Brandlive, it was Adidas’ biggest livestream to date and included an ecommerce play for a new line of yoga pants.

2. Insta-growth
According to Instagram, at least 250 million users use the app’s Stories format every day, up from 200 million just two months ago.

3. Everyone’s working for the weekend
Speaking of Instagram, companies post most often on the app between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays, per new data from’s findings in 2015 concluded that Wednesday posts on Instagram received the most engagement.

Not anymore. Saturdays and Sundays now share that distinction. As the chart below indicates,’s clients most often get 400-plus interactions on those weekend days.

4. Alcohol algorithm
At Cannes, Patrón talked about how it had collected data from 12 million Foursquare users over three years in 100 cities. The brand is matching up location data with what Patrón calls “taste” stats to develop a mobile-ads algorithm that recommends drinks to bar and restaurant customers.

5. Be cool, and the kids won’t block you
A study by Defy Media’s Acumen Research and TMI Strategy found young consumers get annoyed by ads that interrupt their social media experience—but they are cool with advertisers that respect their online space. More specifically, of the more than 1,300 participants aged 13 to 25 years old, 66 percent use an ad blocker on at least one device.

6. Is podcasting a lead-gen driver?
Kia’s recent 15-second audio interstitials on NPR One drove a 0.25 percent click-through rate to the carmaker’s soundscape. What’s more, 13 percent of listeners who heard that branded soundscape clicked through to the automaker’s website. Read more about National Public Media’s sizzling podcasting game here.

7. Vertical is still nascent
MediaRadar, which uses data science to give ad sales advice on millions of brands, published a trend report on Tuesday that analyzed vertical video advertising by media properties in the first quarter of this year. Looking at more than 100,000 advertisements in Q1, MediaRadar found that only 112 mainstream websites and mobile sites contained vertical video ads. More generally the results from the report are intriguing.

8. Dropping dollars, dropping the ‘Mic’
A name that has crept into the digital marketing news cycle more and more is Mic. Now we know why: on June 21, we learned that ad agency holding company WPP had invested $6.5 million to the U..S-based news player that targets millennials worldwide.

Bonus stat: This isn’t good
Men appear in ads four times more than women and have seven times more speaking roles, according to research from J. Walter Thompson and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media that was unveiled at Cannes.

Bonus stat II: Conversely, this is cool
Also at Cannes, Publicis Groupe said that it is planning for 80,000 employees across 200 disciplines in 30 countries to utilize Marcel—the very first professional assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

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