HelloTxt Gives Admins the Ability to Post to Multiple Facebook Pages

Simultaneous posting to multiple Facebook pages is now possible, thanks to a new application introduced by HelloTxt. Administrators can add messages, photos or video links to any or all of their pages from HelloTxt’s interface, with the ability to use tagging to filter what goes where.

The tagging feature is an interesting tool that allows users to set certain keywords for individual or groups of pages across a number of social networks. Tag your social pages as “personal”, and any updates you prepend with #personal with only show up on those walls. This could become especially useful for administrators working across a number of pages for a business, or for anyone that handles postings for clients. The service sets up easily for Facebook — just add an application and you’ll be able to link to all of your pages and to set preferences and begin updating.

Also announced was a similar service from Ping.fm. The setup is slightly more complicated, and you don’t get the same sort of tagging feature found on HelloTxt, but you will be able to post to any number of Facebook pages from the Ping.fm control panel. The biggest difference is the tagging feature, which allows you to insert Twitter-like hashtags into posts or take advantage of sites that support mood tagging.

Currently, HelloTxt seems to have a better grasp on what professional posters need from a service like this. What’s clear is that it is a helpful service, so expect to see more and better refined versions coming from these two companies and their competitors.

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