Hello World

Now that I have my feet under me here, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. Hello, I am Frank McPherson, and I am happy to join Todd in writing for this web site. I have been using mobile devices since the early 90’s when I bought a Sharp Wizard QZ-7000. When I first heard of the Newton MessagePad I just new I had to have one, and bought one of the very first MessagePads when they were released in 1993.

What Apple did with Newton continues to influence my views of mobile computing to this day. I know I am in a minority that thinks that a stylus is actually a natural form of input, but we don’t write on a pad of paper with our fingers, we use a pen or pencil, and I think mobile devices ought to be replacements for pads of paper. I wouldn’t want to go back when a stylus is the only way we interact with mobile devices, but I also do not think it should be done completely away with.

Steve Job’s return to Apple marked the beginning of the end of Newton’s short life, and as I looked at the handheld computing landscape at the time my choices were the new Microsoft Handheld PCs or the new Palm Pilot. I was attracted to the Handheld PC’s expandability via the PC Card slot, and larger screens. While I didn’t particularly like the keyboards on the handhelds, I also did not think I should have to learn how to write in a different way such as how you had to write on the Palm Pilot’s input area.

My decision to use the Handheld PC lead me to find the MSN Handheld PC forum and my introduction to Todd, who was the forum manager. Todd’s invitation to me to become assistant forum manager later lead to being named a Microsoft MVP for mobile devices, a relationship with the mobile division at Microsoft, and to writing four editions of books on using the Handheld and Pocket PCs.

When Google announced Android, I became intrigued by Android’s integration with the Internet and particularly the Google applications I found myself using more and more every day. I bought the T-Mobile G1 shortly after it was released and tolerated its shortcomings until T-Mobile released the myTouch 3G, which is my current personal phone. I continue to also use a Windows Mobile standard phone to keep up with Microsoft’s developments.

I am excited about writing for MobileContentToday because it aligns with my own long-held belief that what is important is how we use mobile devices to be more productive, grow, and have fun. While I am attracted to shiny objects like most other men, I am less excited with the latest and greatest hardware than by the latest and greatest software and capabilities. What is certain is that the mobile industry is rapidly changing, which makes keeping up with and writing about the mobile industry fun. I hope that you come along with me for the ride