Hearsay Launches Tool To Power Corporate Facebook Pages

This morning, Hearsay announced a tool for corporations to manage their Facebook pages and other social media channels while still maintaining regulatory compliance.

-Hearsay Logo-Running a corporation isn’t easy, and with all of your employees on Facebook things can become pretty complicated. Fortunately, Hearsay has formally announced a new product for corporate clients to manage their presence in social media.

Corporations can now manage all of their local branch Facebook pages and track what sort of performance each is having through robust analytics tools (some of which are pictured below). As of right now, Hearsay has a number of large clients, including State Farm, which is working with the vendor to manage the Facebook pages of 15,000 insurance agents.

Out of those 15,000 agents who received the local Hearsay administration tools, more than 90 percent quadrupled their number of Facebook fans and increased user feedback by 500 percent in the first 60 days.

With tools to ensure regulatory compliance while simultaneously leveraging consumer engagement, Hearsay is a powerful suite for large corporations. To learn more about Hearsay, check out our blog post from this morning on Social Times.

Hearsay Analytics