Hear From bit.ly’s Platform Manager About How Real-Time Data Can Increase Your Bottom Line

URL shorteners are the lifeblood of sharing links on Twitter, and none may be so popular as bit.ly. Mediabistro’s Jeff Rivera got a chance to sit down with Matt LeMay, bit.ly’s Platform Manager, to talk monetization in the world of digital writing and publishing.

In a stellar and insightful interview on Mediabistro.com, Matt LeMay tells all when it comes to his baby, bit.ly.

As a Platform Manager, LeMay is hands-on with bit.ly’s API and developers. He also deals with publishers on the other side of the fence, so he has advice for all parties interested in URL shorteners – writers and bloggers, or coders and developers.

LeMay discusses the robust stats that bit.ly offers, and really explains why bit.ly’s analytics sets it apart from any other URL shortener service. He also explains how bit.ly can be used by writers – who are often loathe to do anything related to marketing – to monetize their content.

This interview is a must-read for anyone who publishes content on the web. As Twitter is one of the best ways to share your blog posts, articles, videos or pictures, knowing how to use bit.ly to gain insight into who’s reading your content when can be a huge boost to your bottom line.

You can read the full interview with Matt LeMay at Mediabistro.com.