Health-Care Bill Passes; Let The Statements Begin

healthcare bill.jpg

The Senate passed a $871 billion health care reform bill this morning, voting completely along party likes in a 60-39 tally. Now, lets go to the spin room, in the form of dueling statements:

“We are now finally poised to deliver on the promise of real, meaningful health insurance reform that will bring additional security and stability to the American people.” -President Barack Obama

“There is widespread opposition to this monstrosity…This fight isn’t over.” -Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky

“Today’s vote in the United States Senate brings us closer to providing quality, affordable health insurance to every American.” -Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Califronia

“This morning the Senate brought us closer to meaningful health care reform than we have ever been before.” -AARP CEO A. Barry Rand

“We applaud the Senate for taking an important and historic step toward expanding high-quality, affordable health care coverage and services to tens of millions of Americans, many of whom are struggling today financially.” -Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Senior Vice President Ken Johnson

“Today, the Senate took an important step, but reform that doesn’t deal with affordability, tied to health care quality, is not a complete victory for consumers.” -Aetna Chairman and CEO Ronald A. Williams

“The passing of health reform in the Senate is a historic moment for our nation and for all people affected by diabetes.” -George J. Huntley, Chair of the Board, American Diabetes Association.

Now, the Obama administration will hope a final, combined bill from both the Senate and House versions is on his desk, ready to sign before the State of the Union address in late January. “Everyone is pushing for that,” White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told The Wall Street Journal.