7 Sure-Fire Headlines That Always Work

Here's a list of titles that are guaranteed to boost your traffic.

While there are a million things that can help you boost your blog traffic, Twitter is one source where there is pretty much only one thing you can improve: your titles. Generating a title which teases the reader and makes them click is the first step to boosting your traffic. Here’s a list of seven titles to get you started.

10 [Fill in the blank] That Every [Fill in the blank] Needs To Know

This title formula changed my life when we published a list of privacy settings for Facebook users. I know how powerful this title can be. While you don’t want to over use it, using a broad group for the second blank will always generate greater results.

  • 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Needs To Know
  • 10 Titles That Every Master Copywriter Needs To Know
  • 10 Quick Recipes Every Busy Professional Needs To Know

EXPOSED: The Shocking Truth Behind The Alien Invasion

Perhaps aliens aren’t attacking the planet, but words like “Exposed”, “Shocking”, “Revealed”, and other tabloid-worthy words are guaranteed to generate a result. While duplicating the works of tabloids is not necessarily the best way to go, there are plenty of things you can learn from them and titles are one thing tabloid editors know very well. While I don’t suggest you use the following titles, there are some key words that are you should take advantage of.

  • Obama’s Sex Scandal Explodes
  • Hillary Attacks Bill’s Secret Lover
  • Sarah Palin, What She’s Hiding

The Secret To [Fill in the blank]

This one is always guaranteed to work. Educate the reader with the secret about anything desirable and you’re guaranteed to generate results. People by their nature want to know secrets, so let them know that you have some on your site and they are practically guaranteed to click through.

  • The Secret To Making People Like You
  • The Secret To Losing Those Extra Pounds Once And For All
  • The Secret To Raising Smart Kids

10 Clever Tips That Will [Enter desirable result]

List articles will always perform better then others. Give people a quick summary of things that they can quickly scan and digest and you are pretty much guaranteed to have a hit article on your hands. Give people information that they want to learn and they will click through to read the article.

  • 10 Tax Tricks That The Uber Wealthy Use
  • 7 Little Known Time Saving Techniques
  • 101 Articles Every Entrepreneur Should Read

See How Easily You Can [Fill in desirable result]

I want an easy way to accomplish difficult tasks and so does everybody else. By promising an easy technique to quickly accomplish something desirable, you have made your article practically irresistible.

  • See How Easily You Can Lose An Extra 10 Pounds
  • See How Easily You Can Become An A-List Blogger
  • See How Easily You Can Travel The World On A Budget

NSFW: [Fill in the blank]

I love not safe for work titles because people always read them when they are at work. We all know you are looking over your shoulder to make sure nobody is around and then clicking on that article you probably shouldn’t be viewing while on the job. Thanks to the internet, NSFW articles have surged in popularity as office workers are always connected.

  • PETA’s Controversial New Super Bowl Ad (NSFW)
  • Near Slips & Wardrobe Malfunctions Of 2009 (NSFW PHOTOS)
  • Most Outrageous Eco-Stunts (PHOTOS) (NSFW)

How To Think And Grow Rich

How to guides are always guaranteed to drive traffic to your site. Offer someone a guide to achieving a desirable result and they’ll click through to the article.

  • How To Host A Killer Dinner Party
  • How to Become an Internet Land Baron
  • How To Help Egypt Get Online

These titles should help you get started. If you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, come to our upcoming online conference Social Media Marketing Bootcamp.

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