Head to the Summer Carnival in The Sims FreePlay

the sims freeplay

For lots of us, summer means traveling to local fairs and attractions, eating too much fried food and riding a few cool rides. Your Sims can now experience that same thrill in The Sims FreePlay, as EA Mobile has updated the game with a carnival and everything you’d expect along with it.

Players Level 26+ can build the Carnival, which comes packed with rides like a Carousel, Ferris Wheel and Jumping Castle. Sims can also experience some midway attractions, like a Fortune Teller and Kissing Booth, as well as a High Striker test of strength.

Alongside this release comes a new Juggling hobby and an “Entertainer” personality type. Sims will need to eat while away from home, so users can feed their Sims new carnival food, like cotton candy and popcorn.

The Sims FreePlay is available to download for free on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Check back soon for more.