Hanson Beer Is Coming, and Other Strange Beverage News


Beverage branding news today is bananas.

We started the day with news that beer had gone into space. Natural Light used the power of Facebook to reach an altitude of 90,000 feet.

And we have word that Coca-Cola has to dump its special white holiday cans because consumers object. The Wall Street Journal says some people prefer the red cans, others confused the white cans with Diet Coke, and still others think the cola tastes different in the white cans. Those people are dumb.

Each year the company does something special with the cans for the holidays for buzz-producing purposes, Coke’s spokesperson Scott Williamson said. These cans were supposed to further support the company’s partnership with the World Wildlife Fund.

In a testament to good monitoring, the story also says that the company became aware of the problem through comments on the Web and even YouTube videos that have posted about the cans.

“You can’t change something that’s classic,” one teenager comments.

And speaking of classics, Hanson, the trio of brothers that had us all joyfully MMMbopping like idiots, are making a beer to expand their brand. The IPA, MMMhop, will be coming in 2012. The picture above is what they look like now. Bananas, we say.