Hachette To Adopt Agency Model for eBook Pricing

In what is becoming an unanticipated ramification of the iPad unveiling, publishers this week are suddenly unafraid to confront Amazon over their eBook pricing grievances. Hachette is joining Macmillan and HarperCollins in opposing Amazon’s $9.99 pricepoint for eBooks. Yesterday, Hachette announced that it would adopt the agency pricing model for eBooks.

Here’s more from GalleyCat:

In an email to agents this evening, Hachette Book Group USA CEO David Young announced a shift to an agency model for eBook pricing.

Here’s an excerpt: “There are many advantages to the agency model, for our authors, retailers, consumers, and publishers. It allows Hachette to make pricing decisions that are rational and reflect the value of our authors’ works. In the long run this will enable Hachette to continue to invest in and nurture authors’ careers–from major blockbusters to new voices. Without this investment in our authors, the diversity of books available to consumers will contract, as will the diversity of retailers, and our literary culture will suffer.”

And he added this point about eBook releases: “Another great benefit to our consumers is that we intend to release HBG e-books simultaneously with the hardcover (or first format print edition).”

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