Guy Kawasaki Catches the Facebook Bug

TruemorsWord on the street was that Guy Kawasaki wasn’t interested in getting involved with Facebook applications a few weeks ago. With the launch of the Truemors application it looks like he has changed his mind. Truemors is the highly criticized social network launched a few months ago by Guy Kawasaki. The site allows users to submit rumors and then vote on rumors that they think are entertaining or credible. The site was considered a flop by many in the blogosphere but all the negative publicity helped to drive a lot of traffic to the site which continues to this day. The Truemors application is pretty basic. You can view the rumors that have been posted on the Truemors site as well as post your own. Additionally, you can view what rumors your friends have posted, what are the most recent rumors, and what the most popular rumors are. While I’m not an avid user of Truemors, it appears as if they have a pretty substantial user base. Just like all other companies, they are hoping that their Facebook application will help drive even more users. The application already has over 200 users which is fairly significant given that they launched today. While I probably won’t end up an avid user of the application, you can go grab the Truemors app and try it out for yourself.