The Worldwide Growth of Social and Mobile In 2014 [Infographic]

An infographic from AddThis shows how social media grew, shrank and influenced the world this year.

In many ways, social media has had a banner year. It has broken stories, increased awareness for diseases, raised money for charities and helped connect people around the world. An infographic from AddThis, a data analysis and content engagement company, showcases how social media grew, shrank and influenced the world this year.

The biggest growth on social sites in 2014 came from some unexpected sources. Vietnamese social network Ketnooi increased its shares by 55 percent. There was a 25 percent increase in people sharing from their web address bar. Pinterest also increased shares by 15 percent.

Despite shares from Gmail increasing seven percent, email was the biggest loser this year, with an overall decrease of 31 percent. Facebook and Twitter were also down 14 percent.

Romania, China and Vietnam showed significant growth in social media use with an increase in sharing of 93, 58, and 56 percent, respectively. There was a decrease in sharing from Egypt of 45 percent, which AddThis chalks up to the persistent turmoil in the country that has continued since the Arab Spring.

Mobile growth has also been explosive this year with an overall increase of 46 percent. Android has grown 61 percent, and iOS is up 28 percent. The former Soviet state of Georgia was the only country to appear in the top five lists for growth on both operating systems this year.

To see which events generated the most social media interaction this year, check out the infographic below: