How To Grow Your Twitter Followers In 3 Minutes A Day – Without A Strategy

How To Grow Your Twitter Followers In 3 Minutes A Day - Without A Strategy

In a perfect world, you would have a meticulously planned Twitter strategy. It would encompass content, measurement and engagement. It would integrate seamlessly into your marketing mix, and it would be leading to new and more loyal customers.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. And sometimes, we need to cheat a little to make things work. Here’s a quick-and-dirty way to get more Twitter followers quickly – without relying on a strategy.

This method for getting more Twitter followers can be used by anyone: Businesses, non-profits, individuals. Whatever your reasons for using Twitter, you can spend as little as three minutes a day to score some quality new followers.

Minute one. To start, visit the Twitter profile of someone you’re currently following. Don’t think too hard about this one – pick an account that you’re interested in. Is it a current client? A competitor? A celebrity? A local business? Choosing someone should take less than a minute.

Minute two. From there, click on over to either their “followers” or “following”.

If they have a follow strategy, chances are you’ll find some gold in their “following” list. And if their content is targeted well, you should expect to see some targeted followers interested in their message.

Minute three. Now for the fun part! Follow to your heart’s content. Scroll through their list of followers or following. Any bio that catches your interest? In most cases, you should be sifting through plenty of Twitter accounts that pique your interest.

Follow a good handful of accounts – maybe 20 or so – each day, from a different source account, and you’ll benefit in two ways: you’ll be following even more interesting, diverse accounts yourself, and you will be followed back by a good number of those you follow.

After you do this for a few weeks, you can clean out your followers by using a service like ManageFlitter to see which accounts are worth continuing to follow and which are not, based on things like how active they are and whether they follow you back.

There are other ways to browse through potential Twitter follows, like using Twitter’s Who To Follow suggestions, but the one above can be done ad infinitum, and it can augment any other tactics you’re already using to get more followers.

So there you have it! Pick a relevant account at random, browse the accounts that they are following or are following them, and follow away. It’s a simple enough non-strategy that even the busiest of marketers has time for.

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