Group Buying Sites Officially Jump The Shark

You know an internet startup idea has become a trend once there’s a site that’s aggregative all of the sites that provide a specific service. 8coupons does just that for the numerous group shopping sites out there now. While Groupon may be the most popular of the group shopping sites, Living Social, and numerous others have created their own group shopping services. Rather than visiting every site each day, 8coupons will aggregate all the offers in your city for you.

While the idea definitely makes sense, I’ve never been a huge fan of many of the aggregator sites. For example, some services let you send out status updates to multiple sites., is one service that does this, yet I’ve found that my friend differ from site to site, and as such I need to tailor my content to each platform.

Regardless of my concerns about product aggregators, it’s always a guaranteed sign that a market is becoming overly saturated as soon as you have a product aggregator site. In this case, group shopping appears to have hit a new milestone with the launch of the first aggregator site. If you are always searching for the best deal, you can check out 8coupons.