Great Event Last Night!

Thanks you to everyone that was able to attend the Social Times launch event last night. Around 200 people showed up and there were awesome demos from, Amnesty Widgets, Why Go Solo, Clearspring, Qloud and Searchles. Also, thank you to each of the sponsors that helped make this event possible:

Unfortunately the projector wasn’t working and I couldn’t have each sponsor’s logo display in rotation. I’m hoping to put up some pictures of the event last night. Unfortunately the photographer didn’t show up and I was left to run around and take pictures with a camera that I couldn’t figure out how to work. The ironic thing was that it was a point and shoot camera!

Again, thank you for showing up and I look forward to hosting other events over the coming year. There will be some really exciting things going on in D.C. and elsewhere as we relaunch the Social Times. Thanks to everybody for your support!