Grads: Expect $30-35k for PR, Comm. Jobs

It’s almost May, and that means a fresh crop of college grads are hitting the job market. According to a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers study, “The average starting salary offer is 4 percent higher for 2008 graduates than last year’s alumni.”

What about PR? The study listed “communications” jobs with an average starting salary of $35,196. Jobs in this field are described as, “much of the same focus as public relations, advertising, journalism, marketing and business management. The skills you learn in this major are transferable to many areas.”

PR and “organizational communications” came in a bit lower at $30,667, and were described as varying “from orchestrating the PR for large, small or non-profit organizations; writing the communications for companies or even working in advertising.”

Broad definitions to be sure, but these salaries seem to be on par with what we’re hearing. Do you agree?