Gopher Popping Up On Android

Hey there young gals and guys, sit down here with old Frank and hear a tale about the Internet before the World Wide Web. You might ask, isn’t the World Wide Web and the Internet the same thing? Well no, the Internet is older than the World Wide Web and before Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s proposal that defined the World Wide Web became implemented other protocols like FTP and Gopher were created to move files and information around the Internet.
Gopher was released in 1991 by folks at the University of Minnesota and it provides a menu-drive, hiearchical arrangement for information. Fans of Gopher like it because it is fast at retrieving information and it provides a more top-down structure than HTTP. There is a revival of support for Gopher via the Overbite Project, which is an open-source project to create browser plugins and applications that use the Gopher protocol. If you are fan of Gopher, or maybe just old enough like me to remember using Gopher, and want to try it out on an Android phone, Ars Technica has a link to a beta of the Overbite Project app for Android.