Google’s +1 Button Adds A Social Element to Search

As if you needed another, here’s one more reason influencers are so important.

Google has introduced the +1 button, which will be rolling out broadly over the coming months. Clicking on the button allows your friends and contacts, pulled from other Google properties like Gmail, to see your searches. Eventually, you’ll be able to plus one pages, basically making all sorts of recommendatins to your contacts. Mashable asks a marketing-related question specifically:

Can marketers game the system by running “check +1 to enter” promotions?
It seems that Google frowns on this sort of thing, but it’s unclear whether the company expressly forbids it. Meanwhile, to maintain the integrity of the results, [Google rep Jim] Prosser recommends that marketers don’t tweak their copy to ensure more +1s.

So it looks like you’ll have to build your list of recommenders the old-fashioned way — with Facebook, Twitter, media outreach, and other buzz-building techniques.

TechCrunch analyzes the +1 button from a social search/Google Profile POV and how “Google is at war with Facebook for control of the web.”

As the +1 button grows in usage (at least that’s what Google’s hoping for) it’ll be interesting to see the reaction from users and marketers, and how well different actions — number of clicks, what happens after the click — can be measured.