Google Wave Features Real-Time Video Chat

Google wave_logo.jpgThere’s been a ton of hype surrounding the restricted release this week of Google Wave, the search giant’s highly anticipated real-time communications and collaboration platform.

Google on Wednesday invited 100,000 people to play around with the apps platform in order to provide feedback and uncover bugs. And while those of us not lucky enough to be part of the crowd-sourced workforce must wait our turn, Google provides a glimpse of what Wave can do on its Google Wave Preview Featured Extensions page.

Of the half-dozen extensions built over the summer during the developer preview, two seem of particular interest to media professionals — Ribbit, which enables telephone conference calls via Google Wave, and 6rounds, a real-time video chat application developed by a company called Gig00 Studios.

Below is a good video from Gig00 showing how 6rounds works within Google Wave.