Google Speeds Up Local Search And Building Search Queries

Today Google announced several improvements to their web search for desktop computers and mobile devices. Features like voice search and search by image introduced for smartphones are now available on desktop computers, while two new improvements have been added to Google’s mobile web search for Android and iPhone smartphones.

When you load on an Android or iPhone, you now see three icons at the bottom of the screen for local searches. When you tap one of those icons, for example Restaurants, a search is performed for restaurants near your location. The location search results appear on a map for the top off of the screen, which remains in place as you scroll through the list of the search results. As a new search result appears, that location is displayed on the map.

Google has also made it easier to enter long search terms on smartphones. As you begin to type in the search term, Google automatically guesses what it is that you are trying to enter and displays them in a list immediately before the search field. Some of the guesses include a plus sign to the right, which you tap to select the item and add items to it. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the new query builder for mobile web search.

YouTube video courtesy of Google