Google Salutes Twitter

GoogleTwitter.jpgGoogle gave a shout-out to Twitter in a post on the Google Blog that wrapped up the year and touted the blog’s accomplishments since its 2004 launch.

Google Blog Team editors Emily Wood and Jordan Newman wrote about Twitter:

Beyond the blogs, in February, we jumped head-first into the Twitterverse, starting our @google account with a geeky tweet. Since then, we’ve tweeted more than 1,000 times and are grateful to have gathered 2 million or so followers. That puts us in the company of @algore and @ashsimpsonwentz and (today, at least) just 65,000 or so followers behind a certain @ladygaga (although we’re pretty sure that gap is only going to grow—no way we can compete with her outfits). Around 75 other Google entities and teams have gotten into the Twitter act this year, as well, so we built a directory to help you keep up with all the action. Twitter also was our biggest non-Google referrer to the blog in 2009, a clear sign of its rapid growth in popularity.