Google+ Pages for Business Are Here. Now What?

Now that Google+ Pages for Business is here, everyone is collectively trying to wrap their brains around what comes next.

The HubSpot blog is offering five steps to creating a page. Among the tips: choose an email address that’s accessible to multiple users, and promote your page and add content before blasting it out to the world.

Of course, there are those who question whether it’s worth it to add a Google+ brand page to the plethora of social media platforms you’re already using.

Do keep in mind — Google+ brand pages doesn’t allow contests or promotions.

“Per Google’s Google+ Pages Contest and Promotion Policies section, Page admins are informed that they may not ‘run contests, sweepstakes, offers, coupons or other such promotions’ on their Google+ Page. Instead, they may display a link on Google+ that points to a separate site where the Promotion is hosted,” TechCrunch reports.

TechCrunch will do a follow up once they learn whether that’s a permanent policy.

But, The Huffington Post offers three reasons why you should, reach being one of them. If Google reaches one billion unique visitors per month, the thinking goes, then Google+ will also cast a wide net. Add to that the possibilities through YouTube, Maps, and Google’s other services and tools.

Speaking of, ZDNet notes that Google+ Pages now goes beyond just the “social” part of a social network, adding a search component. “This isn’t a static place where companies host their corporate blogs or post their news releases. This is a dynamic environment where companies host live video ‘hangout’ sessions and engage in discussions with their followers,” the article says.

We saw on Twitter that at least one person thinks the “Hangouts” will be popular with marketers.

Our colleagues at 10,000 Words note that news organizations have already flocked to the social network, with Breaking News providing a list of those that have set up their pages already. And Edelman has already got its page up and running. So over the next couple of days, it might be worth it to play around a little on Google+ and see where this thing is going.