Google+ Must Find Its Niche

Traffic on the new social network Google+ is down 3 percent this month, which has some people speculating that it is the beginning of the end.

Others think it’s way too soon to judge because so few people are using it, (10 million compared to Facebook’s latest estimate of 750 million ) and because it is not open to the public yet.

It’s also prompting questions about whether people have room in their lives for another social network.

The invite-only social site has some distinct advantages over Facebook, such as features like Circles and Hangouts, but doesn’t have the audience yet. What fun is it to hang out when there are only a handful of people you know on there?

Privacy continues to be a problem on Facebook, and its users have been chronically unhappy with how Facebook handles its complaints.

TechCrunch says the challenge Google+ faces now is part of its sophomore slump: keeping those initial 10 million users interested in the site. Giving them a reason to check in.

Who is on Google+? Early, early adopters. Techies. Muck Rack has a list of 140 or so reporters who are on Google+, with links, and it’s heavy on Mashable and New York Times names.

One suggestion is that Google Plus become good at ONE thing, just like Flickr is known for photos; Twitter for news in real-time; Facebook for socializing with friends and family and LinkedIn for  networking with business contacts.

Any ideas?