Google May Save the World from Spoiler Alerts

SPOILER ALERT: No, really. You'll like this one.

Warning-Spoiler-AlertThe headline alone makes you tear up, doesn’t it?

Think of all the cliffhanger endings in TV and movies. Verbal Kint is Keyser Soze. Rosebud was a damn sled. Bruce Willis was dead…for the whole movie. Tyler Durden was…well, you get it.

We love all of those endings…provided we saw them for the first time without some schmuck ruining everything.

Spoiler alerts are everywhere — and once the Internet showed up, all great movies were destined to be killed for all of us at some point.

Thank God Google is looking to stop all of that with the help of this patent recently awarded to those geniuses (the story via Quartz).

patent technology
SOURCE: U.S. Patent & Technology Office

Google outlines a system for blocking out posts pertaining to TV shows, books, and movies, so that you don’t see information on stories before you’re ready to.

The patent suggests users would track their progress with content on a social network—think how Netflix currently posts what of its content you’re watching on your Facebook feed if you link those accounts—and Google’s system would be able to determine when another user was posting something about that same piece of content, and if they were posting about a part you hadn’t reached yet.

Imagine Google actually being Big Brother to monitor your feeds and blur out potential spoilers. Yes, that just happened. You click ‘OK’ and get a spoiler. Certainly, Google Plus will be the first to integrate this technology…and when that fails, Facebook and Twitter will get it.

It’s a brave new world…one with a happy ending, so to speak.