Google Glass: The Next Frontier for Safer Fire Fighting

Patrick Jackson is not your average firefighter – he’s also a self-taught programmer who wants to bring Google Glass technology to fire fighters everywhere. His vision for Glass is an assistance that can retrieve information about emergencies, building plans, and even vehicle information to help firefighters be quicker and safer when performing search and rescue.

Meet Patrick Jackson. He’s a Google Glass Explorer, developer and firefighter from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Patrick is building Glassware that he hopes could one day help firefighters everywhere by providing hands-free access to the information they need, when they need it. Join him as he tests his Glassware in the field.

Currently, there are technical issues with using Google’s hardware in a fire – it doesn’t fit inside the breathing masks fire fighters wear when going into smoke-filled areas. IT also is made of plastic and has low battery life. However, given that the technology is in its infancy, Google and Jackson could create alternative hardware that could do the same task while also adding others, like, the ability to locate other fire fighters in a smoky blaze with the device’s Bluetooth technology.


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