Google Launches Official Facebook Page

-Google Logo-Weeks after announcing a list of their official Twitter accounts, Google has officially launched their Facebook Page and has attracted over a quarter million fans so far. The page, which has already been updated five times this week, and appears to be growing in popularity. So what type of content is Google posting to their Facebook Page? Right now they only appear to be reposting most of the content from the Official Google Blog.

The Google Twitter account is currently being updated with more content however the Twitter account currently has five times the followers. The Twitter account also appears to be growing at a quicker pace than the Facebook Page currently. Does it really matter how large each Page or account is? Not really but I needed something to make this article interesting, right?

At this point Google having a Facebook Page isn’t really that big of a step. Had this been done when Facebook Pages first launched we probably would have argued that Google was preparing to acquire Facebook and creating a Facebook Page was a first step of this acquisition process. At this point though, Facebook is aiming to become larger than Google and while it’s still many months away, many signs suggest Facebook is on track to conquer the internet giant in terms of total traffic at some point next year.

In the coming months Facebook will most likely overtake Yahoo as it aims to become the largest global site. While that isn’t really important to Google adding a Facebook page, I decided to roll a lot of miscellaneous information into this article to keep you reading! What do you think about that?