Google Employees May Need Children to Get Parents a Day Off

google working

Just when you thought this was the best place on Earth to work…

Google has become the perennial best place to work on the planet. Sure, Disney has perks with that six-foot-tall rat walking around in a field of tinsel and magic dust, but that’s nothing to a place with a slide in it. Other theme parks are fun but long lines and all.

So, Google pretty much wins the contest. And in a place as happy-happy-joy-joy as that one, you would think working overtime wouldn’t suck so much. We presume that paychecks from the owners of the Internet might lead some to cancel a few lunches to work late.

Everything is fun-and-yuks until someone’s adorable daughter writes a boss at Google to send Daddy home early. In crayon. Yeah .. heartwarming stuff.

Art Linkletter, and later Bill Cosby, hosted a show “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” They do just that. They write some zingers too, as Google learned recently when a crayola-penned letter went viral.

Just read it and grab the tissue.


Right on, Sister Soldier. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s how you get things done. Don’t believe me? It worked!

Daniel Shiplacoff, the father’s boss, apparently saw the letter and responded with a letter of his own…


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