Google Comes To Facebook?

There has been significant buzz surrounding Google’s recent foray into the Facebook platform. Apparently they launched their application a couple of days ago and since the “launch” it has gone down. Rodney Rumford seems to believe that this application is probably a hoax. Pete Cashmore has stated that it is not.

I have know that Google was building Facebook applications for months now. This is nothing new but this will be their first one to launch. I also know of a number of potential Facebook competitors that are launching applications as well. Everyone involved in web technology is launching a Facebook application. Let’s be honest, it’s the word of the day (Facebook that is). In regards to the application, you can search the web, images, You Tube, blogs, books and maps. It looks like a pretty impressive application but I have yet to try it out. I will be sure to give more feedback once I have.

The application has now been down for over 24 hours and has no signs of coming back. While some seem to think that Google would make an official announcement about their application launch, I think that would be slightly ridiculous. Instead they are going to test the Facebook waters and not comment on the issue. While there is no official word that this is real, I have to believe that it is simply because I know that Google is working on Facebook applications. It is a little suspicious though that there is no about page. Let me know if you get the app to work.