Google Adds Twitter Functionality to Google Maps for Android

Google is embracing Twitter for its Google Places reviews made via the Android Maps app. Now, whenever someone reviews a restaurant, retail store or cafe from Google Places, they can share their review directly with their Twitter followers.

The Google Hotspot Blog announced Thursday that the Android Maps app would integrate a “Post review to Twitter” button for anyone writing a review on the go.

When using the Google Android Maps rating widget, users can simply check the box beside “Post review to Twitter”, and they’ll be presented with a preview of a tweet they can immediately send out. This tweet includes the star-rating, the place rated, and the first few words of the review along with a link to the full review.

While many Twitter users may be tired of seeing automated tweets in their timeline from the likes of FourSquare and dozens of third-party Twitter apps, review tweets might be engaging enough to start conversations rather than act as annoying blips in the timeline.

Although last month’s rumors of Twitter having low-level talks with Google were squashed by Biz Stone, there is still something about the relationship between the two companies. Google shows Twitter results on the front page of many of its search results, and, especially in light of Twitter’s somewhat frosty relationship with Facebook, there appears to be some level of friendliness between the two companies.