Google Adds Priority Inbox To Android

Back in August Google added the Priority Inbox feature to Gmail, which is a filter on what Gmail thinks are your priority e-mail messages. Priority Inbox is a great feature to focus on your important e-mail messages, and at the time of it’s announcement I felt it would be even more useful on mobile devices. I later found a way to quickly view the messages that Gmail flags as important, which are the messages that end up in Priority Mail on the desktop.

Today Google released an update to Gmail that adds support for Priority Inbox to Android. Priority Inbox appears in the Labels list, which you get to by tapping Menu, Go To Labels, enabling you to see the same Priority Inbox view as on your desktop. You can configure Gmail so that Priority Inbox is the default inbox when it starts by tapping Menu, Settings, and checking the Priority Inbox check box, and you can configure specific notifications for your priority messages. When you are reading a message you can specify whether it is important or not. Tap Menu and then tap either Mark Important or Not Important.

Google also improved how you compose messages by making it easier to select Reply, Replay All, or Forward. After you tap the Reply button in a message, you will see the message response as shown in the screenshot to the left. At the top of the display is a drop-down where you can change the Reply, Reply All, or Forward options. Below the Reply options drop-down is another new feature that allows you to specify what e-mail address to use when sending the message. Finally, at the bottom you now have the option to reply to messages inline.

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