Golgi launches to cure the plague of slow-loading apps


Data transfer platform Golgi has officially launched alongside $5 million in funding from Openmind Networks. The company aims to eliminate the long loading and update times found in many mobile apps (i.e.: the spinning wheel), which are (in part) responsible for 79 percent of consumers who say they’ll stop using an app after one or two instances of poor functionality.

According to Golgi’s research, even established apps, like Flipboard and LinkedIn, have trouble retaining their high speeds, especially after instances of app inactivity. With some apps taking an average of 10 seconds to update after 24 hours away, users are becoming more sensitive to loading times, and more impatient.

Golgi works to solve this issue by offering “versatile data-transfer code,” which can result in apps receiving information up to 20 times faster than before. Information is transferred reliably and quickly between apps, servers and multiple devices, with the app remaining up-to-date with the latest news messages, profile updates, high scores (in games) and notifications, where applicable.

The Golgi toolset allows apps to remain updated even when they’re completely switched ‘off,’ and for apps to be updated immediately after periods of poor (or nonexistent) data connections.

“All it takes is the blink of an eye for someone to decide whether they want to keep using an app or device,” said Golgi CTO Brian Kelly. “Golgi helps protect developers from building a great product only to see it fail because they’re not experts in data transport between devices.”

Golgi’s initial package is free for developers, with eventual costs relating to the number of users an app reaches.