Gmail Gets New Theme Selection Feature

Recently, Google has just rolled a new feature for Gmail and quite honestly it could either be a good and bad feature depending on a user’s perspective. I’m talking about Gmail’s new Themes, which is similar to what Google did with its startpage product, iGoogle. The new Gmail Themes customization feature could either annoy loyal Gmail users who are so used to the Classic Gmail layout or entice them to use Gmail more often since it gives a new take on the whole Gmail aethetic environment.

The new Theme setting features of Gmail was rolled out a couple of days ago initially to some users, but I supposed by now, majority of Gmail users already have this feature setup on their Gmail account. You would quickly know if this setting is up on your Gmail account because you’d see a notice box at the upper portion of your screen when you logged into your Gmail Inbox.

Or you may check out the “Settings” link located at the upper right hand corner of your screen and choose “Themes” tab. From there, you will be presented with several preloaded themes which were created by Google developers themselves and some external artists. There are currently 31 themes available for you to choose from. Once you changed your Gmail theme setting and you don’t like how it looks, you can always go back to the classic look or repeat the process to select another theme.

Additionally, this new theme selection feature also has a location-customization feature. And some themes would display real-time widgets specific to the location you entered for your account. If you select one of the themes with this feature, you will be presented with a “Country/Region drop-down menu where you can select your country and city name.

This new theme selection feature is good for Google in making its Gmail service in tune with the signs of the times. Those theme can enliven Gmail, although others may still prefer the classic look. Either you are free to try out any of themes and see which one you would like to use for your Gmail account. If you get bored about it after some time, you can always change to another theme or revert to the old classic Gmail look.