GM Says No More Super Bowl Advertising

General Motors has dropped another advertising bomb, saying it will no longer advertise during the Super Bowl. CMO Joel Ewanick made the announcement, complaining that the price is too damn high (the going rate is about $3.8 million for a 30-second spot now). GM pulled its $10 million in advertising from Facebook just a couple of days ago.

The company has recently selected a new ad agency and says its re-evaluating its marketing. But “the Super Bowl has become arguably the most effective single platform for auto marketing,” according to Forbes. Not only is the game among the most watched programming for the year, but the clips get added legs through YouTube and other Internet views both before and after the broadcast.

Moreover, they didn’t even make as much of a splash with this announcement because they made it on Facebook IPO Friday.

Forbes’ source suspects that the new ad agency is marking its territory with the move. and ultimately, the company could change its mind we presume, since it’s only May.

Taking a closer look at your marketing strategy is a great thing, but the new strategy should still be strategic. At the moment, it seems like there isn’t much rhyme or reason to the decisions that are being made. But perhaps it will all come together when they blow our socks off with the new program.