Glu Mobile Launches Little Leader on Apple Watch

The game allows players to become a dictator and manage their country on their wrist.

Glu Mobile has announced the release Little Leader exclusively on Apple Watch. The game allows players to become the dictator of a country called Tyrania, where they’ll work with three advisors to achieve world domination.

While the Little Leader iOS app allows users to keep track of their nation’s stats and history, as well as make in-app purchases, actual gameplay takes place on the watch.

As gamers play, they can tap on their advisors to complete quests, which see them make decisions to solve problems in their country. Users can choose from multiple options to solve each problem, with each choice impacting one of the country’s three stats: military, economy or popularity. These stats are technically resources which can be spent to activate specific choices.

Choices take time to complete, and players can spend coins, the game’s currency, to speed them up. Users can also spend coins to issue edicts and instantly earn more points in a specific nation stat. As players complete quests, they earn coins and nation stat increases as their rewards.

The game’s store allows players to instantly purchase more coins and boosts for one or all three nation stats, as well as new avatars for their dictator.

Little Leader is available to download for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store.