Glu Mobile Launches Katy Perry Pop on iOS, Android

The game sees players become a pop superstar while interacting with musician Katy Perry.

Glu Mobile has announced the launch of Katy Perry Pop, its newest celebrity-inspired life simulation game on mobile devices. The game allows players to go from aspiring artist to superstar while working alongside musician Katy Perry.

In Katy Perry Pop, players begin by creating an avatar, and can customize their appearance with different hairstyles, clothing options and more. Gamers will unlock new customization options as they level up.

Katy Perry Pop

Players are led through the game by quests, and will earn more fans as they progress through the story. Players can record and release new songs and music videos to increase their popularity, and can also perform at concerts and other events.

Many quests ask players to complete timed events in specific locations. These events see players spend energy by tapping on action bubbles to earn completion points for the event, among other rewards. If players can fill the event’s progress meter before time runs out, they receive the most rewards from the event.

While playing, users can toggle Katy Vision using a special set of glasses. This Katy Vision changes the appearance of some locations, and allows players to interact with hidden characters.

As players engage with other characters, they’ll sometimes have the ability to spend ‘Katy Gems,’ the game’s premium currency, to ‘charm’ these characters with premium conversation options. Users can also spend Katy Gems on premium avatar customization options, including clothing. Finally, players can chat with other players in real-time.

Katy Perry Pop is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.