Giphy’s List of the Most Popular GIFs in 2017 Is a Gift to Behold

From NFL celebrations to dancing Wonder Woman

GIFs continue to dominate how people communicate online. Sources: Giphy
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Update: An earlier version of this article stated that the gnome in Giphy’s most popular GIF of the year was crocheting, when it should have been knitting. We apologize for the loose thread. 

Giphy has kept tabs on this year’s most-used GIFs across the internet and compiled a very important list of the top 10 most-used images, from dancing llamas to animated coffee cups.

According to Giphy, 300 million people share a whopping 2 billion GIFs every day—yes, every day—demonstrating how widespread GIFs have become as a means of quickly expressing feelings through video. (Though the debate on soft-G vs. hard-G still rages on.)

The most popular GIF of 2017 was created by Brooklyn-based artist Anna Hrachovec and features an adorable gnome knitting a heart. The looping video was uploaded in 2016 shortly after the presidential election but quickly took off across social platforms this year for its sweet message of love and support. Other popular GIFs include Fall Out Boy’s animated llamas and a recap clip posted by the NFL showing Washington Redskins linebacker Junior Galette celebrating a sack.

“This year, we saw a wide array of popular content rise to the top, from original GIF artist work to meme remixes, from music to TV to movies,” Giphy wrote in a Medium blog post.

Ranked by top views, here are the top 10 GIFs people couldn’t stop watching and sharing this year:

1. Love gnome by Anna Hrachovec: 340 million views

2. White guy blinking: 266 million views

3. DNCE’s waving pug: 215 million views

4. The Fall Out Boy llama: 197 million views

5. Excited NFL celebration: 180 million views

6. Good morning GIF: 175 million views

7. G.S. Warriors happy fan dance: 165 million views

8. “Nope” rat: 154 million views

9. Bryan Cranston f-bomb: 138 million views

10. Wonder Woman happy dance: 135 million views


@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.