GetGlue’s Fan Base Loves Its Geek TV

A zombie from GetGlue fave "The Walking Dead"

Damn! Why didn’t I check in last night while I was watching that fascinating PBS show Nature: The Radioactive Wolves of Chernobyl?

It has come to the attention of television networks that social media tools like Twitter and GetGlue can really boost a program’s ratings. GetGlue, a New York-based social media site that allows users to check-in and connect in real time while consuming media, has more than one million users and has been a big factor in promotion.

AMC’s gore-fest Walking Dead recently made records for the highest number of single-evening check-ins on GetGlue with its premiere episode when more than 42,000 fans connected during the show.

But Walking Dead can’t touch GetGlue’s fan fave The Big Bang Theory, which holds the record of over 81,000 supergeeks watching together. The list of other GetGlue fan favorites provides a glimpse in to the site’s user base: tech nerds who love their sci-fi and horror.

Other GetGlue rising stars are  Dexter, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Fox’s Fringe. Two mainstream sitcoms that have big GetGlue followings are NBC’s Community and ABC’s  Emmy-winner Modern Family.

Do you use GetGlue? Do you see a use for it in your PR work?