GetClose Messaging App Connects Consumers With Businesses

The GetClose app looks to replace a consumer's need to call businesses or search for business-related info on the Web.

GetClose, a messaging app for communicating with businesses, has officially launched on iOS, giving users a new option to chat with businesses and receive timely responses.

The GetClose app allows users to ask businesses questions, or simply contact a business for any reason, through text messages rather than standard phone calls. When using the app, consumers search for nearby businesses, and can send text messages to those businesses within the app. For instance, users may ask a restaurant about their daily special, or ask a store if they have a particular item in stock. Search results include each business’ Yelp score (where available) and distance from the user. A map button allows users to view a business’ exact location.

If a user messages a business that doesn’t already work with GetClose, GetClose itself will reach out to the business to find the answer. In cases where the answer may be readily available through a Web search (like a question about a business’ closing time), GetClose will do the search for the user and give them the answer. Either way, GetClose hopes to replace the need for consumers to call businesses or search for answers themselves.

When businesses sign on to use GetClose, the company provides the business with a free SMS number, allowing consumers to text the business without using the app. GetClose also gives businesses a free set of marketing materials, such as fliers and stickers, which can be used to tell their customers about the service.

In a statement, Brian Szady, CEO and co-founder of GetClose, commented:

The phone call is dead. Communicating with businesses has not changed in over 20 years! With GetClose, connecting with a business is simple: send a message, get a quick response. That’s it. Our lives have enough havoc. Why should contacting a business add more stress? We want to give time back to consumers and businesses.

GetClose is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.