Get Your #FailWhale Wallpapers While They Last!

The #FailWhale a rare sight these days. In fact, it might even be on the endangered species list.

However, you can memorialize those frustrating days when Twitter was down for hours on end by throwing up a cute #FailWhale wallpaper – if only to sigh with the relief that those days are behind us every time you look at your desktop.

You’ve got your choice of 7 adorable #FailWhale wallpapers from Cheth Studios to download. They’re all pretty cute, and they might even make you miss the li’l guy (for a minute).

You’ll find simple wallpapers that highlight the fail whale against a colored background:

And those that have a cute statement about what Twitter is:

All featuring the white #FailWhale against a rainbow of colored backdrops, floating above the sea with the help of some fluttery Twitter birds.

Although seeing the #FailWhale was a frustrating thing for us Twitter users back in the day, he’s a rare sight now. So rare, that it’s possible that some people might miss him. Maybe.

If you happen to be one of those few that actually miss Mr. #FailWhale, you can reminisce about Twitter’s less-than-perfect servers by letting him live on your desktop. Just don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking Twitter’s down again (we hear they’re stockpiling servers to try and get rid of the #FailWhale for good).

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