Get Lost In Tweeria – The First Twitter Role Playing Game

Yes, there is a game calling itself the “lazy Twitter MMORPG.” It was only a matter of time.

What’s an MMORPG? A massively multiplayer online role-playing game, naturally.

And if you aren’t playing them yet, you soon will be. So why not start with what you know?

Tweeria is a game that supposedly requires “minimal user involvement.”

Everytime you tweet, your alter ego finds adventures, kills monsters or gets items.Tweeria is proud to bring free RPG art and game here in Twitter!

It calls itself a lazy, do nothing, game – but that’s not entirely true. Yes, we’ll explain.

When you sign on, you pick your faction – each comes with a backstory:

— North Expansion
— Human Alliance
— Free Tribes

And you also pick a race and class (Warrior, Hunger, Mage, and so on). From there, your character will perform different actions depending on these settings and your Twitter activity.

Your character may help or receive help from other Tweerians and, according tot he site, “you can control him just a bit — [but] your character prefers to do all his heroic things independently.”

Within my first 15 minutes, I unlocked by first achievement:

And then I got sucked in to reading this stuff because I just . . . wanted more. See how very non-lazy this is? Well, except for the sitting on your butt part:
You can see last character’s events on your profile page. Also there you may find a minimap with your hero’s position, spellbook, equipped items and inventory.

So what’s there to “play” then? Well, if you enable the PvP or “player vs player” mode, there are few fun things you can do – like cast spells on people and you can join a guild and go on raids (that take an HOUR to complete?!) and this stuff (to name just a few):

If you mention a friendly player and include hashtag #pewpew in your tweet, you fight that player (but the winner does not get a reward).

A person, who is not registered in Tweeria and is mentioned by tweerians, becomes a peasant. If you mention a peasant in your tweet, you automatically attack him. It so happens that no one likes peasants.

You know you want to turn some unsuspecting Twitter followers into peasants and attack them. Don’t even try to deny it.

And you can “write a place’s hashtag in a tweet to order your character to go to specific point of interest (such as a dungeon). Click on the marker of place on the world map to get information about this place.”

Want to check it out? Join me there and take a look around. If you don’t sign in each week, your character goes to sleep, but that’s okay. Naps are nice too. Lazy.

I’ll be waiting in the Desert of Sorrow.

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