Get a Load of Cool Twitter Themes at TwitterGallery

One user customization feature that both Multiply and MySpace offer is Theme customization. There are tons of user-generated and free MySpace themes while Multiply has various pre-loaded theme that members can choose to use on their MySpace profile. But what about Twitter? Previously, to change the look of the default Twitter profile, you just need to replace the default background with any image that you want to be your Twitter page background. But wouldn’t it be nice if we have a collection of Twitter Themes created by members themselves?

Actually, there is an online service which gives you more cool-looking themes and it’s called TwitterGallery. Currently holding several user-generated Twitter themes, TwitterGallery is a simple service which contains tons of user-generated and designed Twitter themes. It lets you browse through the categories and choose the ones you like to use for your Twitter account.

We definitely agree with Oriel of go2web20 that TwitterGallery is definitely a brilliant idea. Those Twitter themes will definitely come in handy for Twitter users who are tired of the default Twitter theme. TwitterGallery certainly add another fun factor to an already fun Web 2.0 service.

Changing your Twitter theme with any of the themes featured in TwitterGallery is a breeze as well. All you need to do is to grab any Theme and copy-and-paste it’s data to your Twitter account’s settings area.

There are currently a handful of theme available in TwitterGallery yet. But it will definitely have more later on as more and more Twitter users learn about it and hopefully will contribute their own Twitter theme design. Hence, Rotorblog is supporting it, by way of this blog post.