Gearing Up For Baseball Season

I have written before that I am a big baseball fan, specifically, I am a big Chicago Cubs fan. With spring training in full swing, I am eagerly looking forward to opening day on April 1. In preparation, I am getting my mobile devices ready to follow the upcoming season.
Because WGN-TV in Chicago, which is available on my cable plan, does not broadcast all of the Cub games, I have been subscribing to Major League Baseball TV on the web. You can buy a year’s subscription for as little as $99, and watch an entire season’s worth of games in HD on a PC, as well as on many mobile devices, including Android and iPhone smartphones and the iPad. You do need to buy the app for a mobile device in addition to the MLB.TV subscription, and the mobile apps cost $14.99.

Last year I bought the Android version of the MLB At Bat app, which enabled me to listen to audio broadcasts of the games on the my phone, in addition to watching the game on my PC. This year I decided to buy the iPad version of MLB At Bat 11, which enables me to watch games on my iPad in addition to watching games on my PC. The iPad app also provides audio broadcasts and in-game stats and replays of all of the baseball games on a given day. The Android version of MLB At Bat 11 also has video, but I decided I would rather see the video on the iPad’s larger screen.
If you don’t want to buy either the MLB.TV subscription or the full MLB At Bat 11 app, you can try the free MLB At Bat Lite app for Android and iPhone smartphones, as well as the iPad. The lite version of the app provides an updated scoreboard, team information, news, standings, and featured videos. Several other apps are available to follow baseball scores and stats, such as ESPN ScoreCentral, but I think the MLB apps are the best.
Finally you can listen to free audio of many baseball games, provided that a radio station covering the game is streaming on the Internet, by using the TuneIn Radio app that I’ve written about previously. In my case, I found that WGN AM 720 in Chicago is available on TuneIn Radio and it broadcasts all of the Cub games. The combination of the free apps MLB At Bat Lite and TuneIn Radio provide me the same functionality that I paid $14.99 for last year on my Android phone.