Gawker PR Manager Heading Back to CBS

Just over a year after joining the company, Gawker’s PR manager, Kevin Prince is heading back to broadcast TV. He announced today that he’ll be the social media producer for CBS This Morning starting on Monday.

“I missed the editorial side of broadcast and the excitement of breaking news and being part of a live show,” he told us via email.

Prince joined Gawker from CBS back when that program was called The Early Show. The focus of his work, expressed in an internal memo from Nick Denton, was television exposure for the site and its bloggers. Gawker writers appeared on the Biography channel, GMA, CNN, and other networks during his time there.

According to Prince, there isn’t a PR manager waiting in the wings for Monday, but Lauren Bertolini will serve as social media producer.

The site has been getting a lot of publicity on its own over the past couple of weeks, first over this post that preceded the writer’s dismissal (new editor A.J. Daulerio says the two are unrelated), and for an email Daulerio posted from Brian Williams. Here’s the Washington Post‘s take on the latter.