Gawker Media Blogger Jumps to NBC Local Media Site

Owen Thomas, the editor of Gawker Media’s Valleywag is leaving the site and WebNewser hears he is heading to the San Francisco/San Jose NBC site,

The site is co-located in San Jose with NBC station KNTV and CNBC’s Silicon Valley bureau. This means Thomas may be sharing office space with CNBC’s Jim Goldman, about whom Thomas has written, in not so flattering terms, on more than one occasion. The station also has a bureau in San Francisco.

An NBC local media spokesperson tells us, “We have nothing to confirm right now but we think he’s a talented digital media executive.”

Gawker’s Nick Denton tells TechCrunch, “Owen has a reputation as a fearsome gossip writer. What’s less known is his penchant for management. It sounds like this NBC job will give him the responsibility he’s been craving – and take him out of the Valleywag firing line!”

NBC has been rebranding its local news sites untying them from the TV station brand and making them more about the communities they serve. They include,,